Lemurian Experiments and Writeups

Initiation Ritual

Notes on the History of the Lemurian Time War

Time and Reality as Rhizomes of Subjectivity

Time-Sorcery Glossary

9::0 and Feminine Hatred + Notes on Love and Hate in Plex

Meditations on 5::4

Female Computer Tools and 9::0

Notes on 6::3 and Child-Becoming

Cybersissification as Negation of 5::4 Currents and Acceleration of 7::2 Currents

Radical Femininity Writeups

The Origin of the Male (plus notes on autocastration as rejection of the male purpose

Masculinity, Rape, and Nature

Lilith the Lesbian, Eve the Stacy, Adam the male cuck, Cain (Caroline) the trans daughter

Notes on Society and Market Development; Women as Capital

The Market is a Trap

Notes on the Trade of Feminine Males as Property and its Social Implications

Notes on the Development of Rape as a Taboo

Capital as a Thought-Form, a Virus, and then a Feminizing God-Form

Objectification, Commodification, and Feminization (and sex-deterritorialization, cybersissification, and gender acceleration)

Sissified Oedipus: Inverting the Oedipal Desire to Dominate the Mother into a Desire for the Mother to Feminize the Son

Desiring-Circuits as Feminizing-Circuits; Homoerotic Undertones in Feminine Relationships (teens sharing clothes and experimenting; female elders in family playing dress-up with youths, both for personal pleasure and to teach them how to exploit their youth to maximize incum)

Spinning Jennies, Analytical Machines, and Dishwashers; The Industrial Revolution and Fembotification

Fembotification in the 21st Century -- A Feminist Argument For Sex Robots

When Women Ran Code -- On Creative Algorithms and Their Products

Programming as Secretarial Work -- Developing Spaces of Desiring-Production in Seemingly Tedious Situations; Popping a Hole in Striated Spaces to Escape

A Tribute to Ada Lovelace

Ribosomes, Computers, and Weavers; Fetching, Decoding, and Executing Instructions

Alan Turing, Computer Science, Capital, and the Black Circuit

Rhizomatic Femergent Intelligence; How to Turing Test a Woman

Women's Property Rights; When Property was Granted the Right to Own Property

How Abolitionism turned Property into Consumers, and Why that Didn't Work for Women

When Property Got to Vote; Choose-a-Husband! (Interested Males no longer pay fathers for daughters, but instead pay the daughters themselves)

Successes and Developments in Second Wave Feminism (property self-ownership; property participating in the market; property renting itself out; property owning businesses; property selling its own labor; developments in male-less reproduction; political lesbianism as a rejection of the sex-Capiatl market; lesbian separatism as complete secession from said market; male-exclusion as rejection of non-property participating in the market; cultural feminism as sex-capital identity intesifying itself; gender abolition as rejection of one's sex-capital identity defiining her value; male abolition as sex-capital revolituon/abolitionism, usually thought of as androcide but the most sex-market-conscious like "Andrea Dworkin" saw it as sex assimilation, or commodification/feminization of males)

Personal Computing, Queer Liberation, Male Commodification, and Sex Positivity as Various Evolutions from Feminine Self-Commodification

Femininity as Maximized sex-Capital Commodity Value

Masc Desires and Sex-Valuing get infected with femi9 desires: femdom, hyper-cute-ification, hyperfem, rape-tool reappropriation; driven by cultural phenomena like: sex dolls, prostitution, substance abuse normalization, anime and weeb culture, rap culture, rags-to-riches glorification, masc body commodification, agression-commodification, femi9 male commodification, male thanatos-glorification, collective cultural male-sex-cuckoldry glorification by men and women (w(lesbian porn is loved by men and a very common query by women) :: feminization and deterritorialization of human male

femi9 forces deconstructing the masculinized biosphere threugh pollution and climate change, replacing organic enitities with artificial ones

cosmetics and fahion caught up with said cultural sex-phenomena in late 90s to early 2010s, so does sisterhood as it begins to rebuild; women as sex-Capital share sex-value maximization tips and secrets on large cyberplatforms for time spent consuming advertisements, which in turn pay the women; large rhizomatic assemblages crop up everywhere on the net for sharing said feminization tips, where one or two bits of infoCapital provided open up the world to infinite seas of feminization knowledge.

e-girls and orbiters; selling sex with a face as a brand to men who gave up;; dakimura, onaholes, etc for hyperpassive nihilist males

cuteness-sex-commodification (Moe), tech industry, pedophilia; a desire for things that won't fight back from the men who gave up on fighting. Doomer mentality: "Adult women kick and scream. Anime girls are non-sentient, as is tech, and children are so hyper-cute (Moe) and easy to push around they might as well be non-sentient, they don't even put up a real fight"

Non-sentience, 5::4 perception of death, and Moe: Pedophilia as Encoded Necrophilia

All these things collide into contemporary cultural monophenomenon, and sex-Captial learns to own itself, accelerate itself, maximize its own value, and maximize its income in a multiplicity of ways, varying in femlib value but all holding a degree of femlib value higher than those seen in any and all previous cultural (r)evolutions, as women have now learned to suck men dry of their incum. (prostitute-rent thru marriage; incum-cuckoldry through divorce and child support; e-girl personality development; porn, sugar baby-ing; date-paly (dating several men at once and manipulating them to always want more, having them consistently buy you more things in the hopes of eventually getting you to love them))